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We’ve been making websites for our own needs since the dawn of the world wide web in 1989. Since 2001 we’ve been making websites for paying customers. We’ve lost count of the actual number of sites we’ve made but we do know that we’ve built around 433 client sites. We’re a small, lean and agile business. Because of that we are able to offer excellent websites at affordable prices. Many of our customers are local businesses in and around Herne Bay, Kent. But, we also have some clients as far afield as Dubai!

Our expertise and experience spans not only web design but also product marketing, strategic marketing, business consultancy and online strategies which we can bring to bear for you. We have a very keen sense of responsibility. We offer a level of support, advice and consultancy that you’d usually expect only from much larger and more expensive agencies.

Don’t take our word for it. Feel free to talk to any of our customers and we’re confident they’ll back up that statement. Whether you need a simple brochure page for your plumbing business or an online shop on the global high street, we can do it all.

To see the full extent of what we do and see the answers to questions we’re often asked, click on the tabs below.

What we do

We can make everything from a single page “brochure” site up to an ecommerce site selling thousands of products globally and we can do any or all of that at prices you might find hard to believe and with a level of support rarely found elsewhere.  We’re not big but we are smart 🙂

We can be a one stop shop for all your web requirements from advising and suggesting suitable to domain name to procuring them on your behalf and then managing renewals etc. for you.  Talk to us before choosing a domain name – there may be factors to consider which can impact on the effectiveness of your website.

Your website needs a home and that home is a server based out there somewhere on the internet.  We lease three dedicated servers and have a fourth dedicated to backups and testing.  All of our servers are based in the UK and are GDPR compliant.

It’s not our main line of work but we do have the skills to create basic logos which is especially helpful for our smaller clients and those on a tight budget.  For larger graphic arts requirements, we partner with The Studio in Herne Bay.

It’s far harder than you might imagine to write about your own business and that’s why we offer a professional copywriting service.  From a brief overview of your business, we can create world class text content or build upon what you already have.

If you need an email address or addresses to go with your new website, we can provide 25Gb secure mailboxes accessible from any web browser, email client or mobile device.

The job doesn’t end once we’ve made and launched your website.  We continually monitor your site and apply security patches, updates and SEO enhancements as required.  Every website we make includes maintenance element which means that should you require text, pricing, image or content updates and changes, we just do it.  No extra cost.

As a small business ourselves, we know that money is often tight and budgets limited or non-existent.  That’s why we offer flexible billing – prefer a PAYG monthly payment?  No problem. No extra cost.

No matter your line of business, ranking well in the search engines is going to be important. We include basic SEO tuning, monitoring and analytics (the ability to see who is visiting your website) as standard on all the websites we make. For businesses where grate search engine rankings is business critical, we are able to offer an extended SEO option.

If you have a Facebook business page (and why wouldn’t you?) we are able to link your page to your website and provide share buttons, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, on all website content to maximise your social media impact.

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