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Is your website broken, out of date, unable to be updated or simply not online?  Then read on or get in touch on 01227 364659.

As we write, 2019 is just two months old but already we've had three businesses contact us asking if we can rescue lost websites and by "lost" they mean they've lost touch with their original web designer and their website is broken in some way or so out of date it's a bit of an embarrassment.  In all three cases we were able to mount a rescue, bring them to the safety of our servers, mend them, update them and lavish them with TLC.

But how can a website get lost?

All sorts of reasons but the most likely is that your web designer simply gave up, went away, moved on, vanished.  Of course, you were busy getting on with your own business and didn't notice something was awry.  Usually it'll be one of your customers who gets in touch and says "Your website isn't working".  At which point, you go into meltdown - rummage through your contacts to find the number of your web designer and are greeted with the scary "this number is not in service" message so,  increasingly desperate, you drop them an email only to have it bounce right back back as "account not at this address".  You ask around and someone tells you "Oh didn't you know, they moved to Outer Mongolia last year and joined a silent order of Buddhist monks".  Now you're in a bit of trouble.

More reasons why websites get lost ...

  • Domain names have not been renewed
  • The website has been hacked
  • Critical software components haven't been updated
  • The web designer stopped paying their hosting bills
  • The business closed

Grass Media Website RescueWe're not the 7th Cavalry but ...

We can usually help but, sadly, some websites just can't be rescued.  The key thing is that you know who your domain registrar is and thankfully there are online tools to help such as https://www.whois.net/ which should tell you who the registrar is and, in some cases, the name of the owner and technical contact.  If the website is still online and just broken, we can usually extract text and images which we can re-use or, if the gods of the world wide web are with us, we can grab the whole website and rebuild it for you.

So if you've lost your website, get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.  We'll take a look and if we feel there's nothing we can do, we'll tell you and there'll be no charge but, if we can, we'll give you a fixed price for the rescue and, what's more, we'll manage for you to make sure you never get lost again.

Things you can do to prevent losing your website

  • Have the domain name registered in your name and with your contact details - you're then in control.
  • Check your website regularly.
  • Search Google for your business name regularly.
  • Only use a web designer you trust is going to be around a while.
  • Make sure the price you pay includes ongoing maintenance and updates at a reasonable cost.
  • Make sure you understand who will pay for annual domain name renewals and whose responsibility it is to renew.

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