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The Value of an Inspiring About Us Page

Published 2 months ago
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Creating Inspiring About us pages

Do we actually need an "About us" page?

Since the beginning of time the “About us” page of a website has always been the hardest to produce both in terms of content and design so, we have to ask ourselves the questions “who do they benefit?” and “why have one at all?”

The answers, as you might imagine is not that simple.  It Depends on the type of business but look at it this way, it’s likely the first page of your website a visitor is likely to hit is your home page and that is your golden, one-shot opportunity to win a new customer.  We know that for the pretty much all business types the prospective customer wants to know what you do, where you do it and where you’ve done it before plus, there’s a secondary need to know whether they can afford you or your product(s) so it’s essential that you give them the answers right there on the home page without them having to navigate through your website.

The aim is to, within about 10 seconds of landing on your website, for the visitor to make an emotional decision to explore more and invest time and effort in confirming (or otherwise) their initial impressions of you and your services or products.  The upshot then is that within 10 seconds (and ideally less than 6) you have to convey in simple language and without any navigation what you do or sell, where you do it, where you’ve done it before and roughly what they might expect to pay.  Then, and only then, will they take the time to explore your “About us” page.

So, once the visitor hits the “About” page they are already a little way down the sales funnel – but not far!  You now have the opportunity to take them on the journey to calling you, pressing the ‘buy now’ button or taking some other positive action or, of course, you may lose them and that’s remarkably easy to do at this early stage and that is the reason why a well structured, well thought-out and compelling “About us” page is so important in converting a prospect into a customer.

Not an afterthought

Unfortunately so many “About us” pages are just plain boring and if yours is one of them, you may be losing business because of it.  We see the same old thing time and time again – acres of text going into minute detail of how the business started, who started it and how proud they are to be where their at.  The problem is, your prospective customer just ain’t that interested, at least, not at this stage so here’s some stuff that done right, will help your conversions and not hinder them.

Structure of a compelling "About us" page

This is the time you or your designer can show some real flare but, keep it simple and make it count!

What can you determine about this fake company from the “About us” information below?

We can easily see what they are and what they do.  We can see when they were founded and the timeline gives us a sense of their journey.  We can see that prices start from just $9.99 and they’ve sold over 20 million units and, to cap it off, we can see testimonials – what their customers say.

All in all it gives us the impression of a well  established, affordable, popular and available product.  That’s how things should be.

About Ultimate Mousetrap Inc.

We believe in being the best we possibly can be and that means delivering a quality product at a reasonable price while offering exceptional value for money.

Our world-famous, patented Mousetrap is available for online ordering across the globe, including

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Prices start from just $9.99

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