Websites Herne Bay SEO

We make websites

It's what we do and is at the heart of all that we do. Large or small, simple of complex we really don't mind and, don't forget, you can start simply and we'll work with you to expand your web presence as your needs change and grow.

We design logos and artwork

We know that small businesses have little or no budget for extravagant logos and graphic design but these things are important to have to set the right impression with your customers so we have included a design service within our portfolio so that most basic artwork can be produced within the web design quote we give you but if it's anything more complex, we can get it produced for you to a very high standard locally and professionally.

We're photographers

We are quite handy with a camera and experienced with product and location photography, just don't ask us to do your wedding photos!  Seriously though, when you're starting out or in any case as a small business, you need great quality photos of you and your products and services but you can't afford the high prices quoted by some photographers, right?  That's where we can help, just talk to us and we think we can make you happy by producing great images for you at an affordable price.

We're marketeers

Let's face it, a website is marketing and it is a sales tool. Marketing and selling are things we know a great deal about and have a huge range of experience to bring to bear in fact, it would be true to say we're marketeers first and web designers second or at least in equal measure.  That's important for you because it means we can back our technology expertise with good, sound marketing experience to make sure your website really performs for you now and in the future.

We do SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is thought to be a bit of a black art and a lot of people have made, and continue to make, a lot of money selling 'SEO Services' by spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt throughout the market.  SEO is important but it's not a black art!  If a website is technically well structured adhering to modern coding standards, has well structured and relevant written content and a good mix of words and pictures then the search engines will happily index your site and include it in their rankings.  What we can do though is to accelerate the process and ensure that your website is compliant and monitor it on a regular basis to make sure it stays that way as Google (and others) almost continually change the way it ranks sites. Typically it can take 6-12 weeks for a new website to rise through the rankings if all is in order but if you need it to happen quicker, we can advise.

We are social media advisers and managers


We make, send and manage bulk email marketing messages for our customers