How we make websites

We always start with a blank canvas.  We listen to any thoughts and ideas our clients may have and we take inspiration from their logos, letterhead, photographs, shopfront, van graphics or any other stylistic cues we can discover.  We strongly believe a website should reflect the business itself so that the look & feel is a good fit.  Once we have an overall design and colour palette in-mind we then take into account how users will navigate around the site and what we want them to do – it could be as simple as promoting a brand or we may want to compel them to buy from an online store or just be able to find a contact telephone number easily.  Every website is different and while we’re considering design, look, feel and usability we always have at least half an eye on what the search engines need to see and how they need to see it – that pretty much influences every element of a website to maximise the opportunity to be listed well.  

We then meld all of those considerations with a large dose of technical expertise, experience and creative flare to build the website that’s going to work for your business.

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