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Helping small local businesses weather the Covid 19 storm

Published 4 months ago
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No doubt about it, the Coronavirus pandemic is going to be a very, very tough time for local businesses, especially retail and, with no real forecast as to how long we’re all going to be locked-down, it must be distressing, to say the least, for small business owners.  

I’ve been scratching my head as to how we, as web designers, could help business try to survive and I think we may have an answer.  It’s not a solution, just a helping hand during these worrying times.

Question – could your business, no matter what it is, offer some kind of delivery service?  Your first reaction might be “no” but, think about it some more.  With a large proportion of the population choosing or being forced to ‘self isolate’ they may still need or want what you have to offer.  As unlikely as it seems, people may need such non-essentials; things to help them just get by day-to-day such as toys, games, jigsaw puzzles, craft materials, DIY goods and even food hampers.  The possibilities are endless if you think about what you could bundle and sell.  All you need to be able to do is offer delivery to the doorstep and accept online payments via PayPal.

Free websites for the duration

So, here’s what we’re offering – if you’re a small local business, shop or whatever we will make you a small, simple website with ecommerce capability that is your to use while the crisis lasts.  The best approach is to offer “bundles” rather than try to list all your products to sell.  The website won’t be fancy but it’ll do the job. You don’t need a domain name as people will reach your online shop via an address like and you can then put that address out there on social media or whatever and encourage people to use it.  At a time when ordinary folk are going to be looking for alternative ways to get goods while staying away from shops, it could be a lifesaver for you and help keep some money trickling in.

If this is something you’d like to try there’s no cost to you.  All we need is a list of the “bundles” or products you’d like to sell along with the price and a few basic contact details and we’ll do the rest for you, FREE.

You should be aware that PayPal charge an average fee of around 5% on transactions so you may need to adjust your prices accordingly, perhaps also to cover home delivery.  We can include a cash on delivery option but there are obvious risks attached with handling money – up to you though.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, give me a call on 07525 013666 and we can offer some advice and start the ball rolling – usually, if you get us the info we need, we can get a site up and running in less than 24 hours.

Nigel Hancock, Grass Media Web Design.

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