Free Website Evaluation for UK Business Owners

We offer a free analysis of your current website.  We’ll evaluate mobile friendliness, loading speeds, relevance, search engine optimisation, content, quality and performance.  We’ll make some recommendations and deliver these to you by email in an easy to read, easy to understand format.  No obligation, no nonsense, no hype, no pressure, just the facts.


A large number, some say over 67%, of small business websites simply aren’t earning their keep.  In other words, they are not helping you win new business; they are sat there like a small island in a very large ocean waiting for a passing ship which, most likely, won’t be at all interested in what you do or what you offer.  We don’t think any business deserves to be ignored so, we offer a totally free evaluation service which you’re then free to do with as you wish.  Take it to your current website provider if you like or use it as the basis for discussions on a new website – as long as it helps businesses in general, we don’t mind.

Is your small business website bringing home the bacon?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to that question then, move along, good luck and thanks for visiting.  Otherwise, read on …

What went wrong?

The most common reason for a ‘lazy’ website is that you weren’t 100% sure what you wanted your website to do in the first place.  You asked someone to make a website for you, and they did. All you knew was you thought you needed one, after all, everyone else has one.

The reality is that a website needs to be focussed on a particular goal – That might be the product you sell or the service you offer but other considerations such as the likely age range and profile of your potential customers also needs to play a big part in the solution.

No website should be an island.  The old Roman ethos of “build it and they will come” certainly doesn’t apply here so, spend a couple of minutes filling-in the form below and leave it to us to analyze your current website and make some easy-to-understand recommendations for improvements.  You honestly have nothing to lose.