A warning for Facebook business users

Facebook and many Facebook users take a dim view of a business or organisation masquerading as an individual.  What I mean is that it’s quite possible to create a personal Facebook account where “Grassmedia” is your first name, “Web” your middle name and “Design” is your surname.  Don’t do it because Facebook is likely to close your account without much warning and you will lose all your ‘Friends’, shares and ‘likes’.  Not only that but you will not have the same opportunities to promote your business if it’s not a bone fide business page.

In order to create any sort of business page you must have a valid personal account already setup.  This is Facebook’s way of trying to ensure some authenticity of its users.  If you have a personal Facebook account you will have ‘friends’ but with Facebook pages (and groups for that matter) you don’t have friends as such, you have ‘likes’ and when someone likes your page, they will be informed of any new posts or updates you make.

Create a page properly

To create a proper Facebook page for your business or organisation from your personal account you’ll find the option towards the top-right of the page – although Facebook do move it around from time to time – and once you have clicked the ‘create page’ option you will be guided quite helpfully through a series of questions and options.  It just takes a few minutes.

Facebook Groups are very much like pages except that they are either open or closed to membership and what the public can see.  These are ideal for societies, football clubs etc.  Don’t create a group for your business and it will severely limit your exposure options.

It’s important that whether you have a page or a group, that entity is not able to make posts elsewhere – only real human beings can create posts so, as a business owner you will want to create a post and then share it from your personal account.  That’s the way to do it!

Finally a tip on image sizes

When creating your page or making a post you will probably have noticed that some images and photos don’t look right – they may exceed the boundaries of the post and look pretty unattractive so it’s worth looking at a resource like https://makeawebsitehub.com/social-media-image-sizes-cheat-sheet/ and then use another resource (unless you have Photoshop or similar) like http://www.picresize.com/ to make the best of your images and ensure people see what you want them to see.

If you need any help or guidance with your business pages you can call us on 01227 364659.

We hope you found this helpful?

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