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Is your Facebook page an embarrassment?

Get help with your Facebook Business Page

According to Facebook, only around 30% of business Facebook pages are formatted correctly and less than 20% have complete information.  It's not surprising though because setting up a business Facebook page is dead simple but fine-tuning it so it performs the best it can is tricky; some might say impossible!  It's not helped by the fact that Facebook keep changing the goalposts and moving things around - for example, what looked like a really nice page banner photo last year, may look awful this year because Facebook in their infinite wisdom changes the recommended image size without telling anyone!  And don't even think about how your page looks on smartphones and tablets - there's a completely different set of rules for those devices!

Missing in Action

Do you know how to add and change all of that important information your potential customers want to know, like where you're located, how to contact you, what you do, your opening hours and all that stuff?  If you don't then you're in good company and yes, it's really important if your Facebook page is actually going to work for you and it's especially important if you're going to use your Facebook page to cross-link to other pages and groups.

Get the decorators in

Let us re-decorate, refresh and update your Facebook page for you.  For a one-off special during April we'll ...

  • Analyse the effectiveness of your page
  • Make sure your page is listed as it should be and reflects the business you are in
  • Check for errors and searchability issues
  • Change/update or add vital business information
  • Create and re-size banner and profile picture graphics so they fit properly and display correctly on all devices
  • Conjure-up some great marketing words to make you shine and attract new customers
  • Hand the page back to you all sparkling and ready for work!

Just £45.00 £35.00 during 2019

Simply fill-in the form below and we'll be in touch.

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