Probably the most technically challenging and enjoyable portfolio of websites we’ve worked on so far. This is a very long term project and we work closely with the client, By The Seaside Ltd, to help them bring this ambitious project to fruition. In addition to the technical and design challenges, we have also provided marketing support and business advice based upon our extensive knowledge of listing sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor. One of what will ultimately be one of around 50 local directory platforms, the challenges have been how to present a huge range of information in an easily navigable format for the end user alongside the ability to offer bespoke end-user feedback on a range of different topics centered around accessibility, quality of service and quality of offering. The client recently said “We want it to be like Tripadvisor but, better and more local”. We are close to launching the project as we speak in July 2019 and are currently working with the client’s lawyers to refine their privacy policies and terms of use before publication. The website shown here is our development and testing model.

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